Establishing mentoring and mediation relationship

Establishing mentoring and mediation relationship

This module provides the fundamentals of mentoring and mediation, two of the most effective ways to tackle the inequalities of Roma in Europe. Although closely connected, different situations require taking various measures, and therefore, both mentoring and mediation are essential for Roma integration. Mediation is one of the strategies used across Europe to minimize Roma inequalities based on access to employment, health-care services and quality education. The main purpose of the mediator is to work as a link between Roma and the public institutions, so it is highly recommendable for the mediator to be of Roma origin, living in local Roma communities, or be an individual with a good knowledge of Roma culture and obstacles they’re facing. The mediator, however, might eventually play the role of a mentor, so the module also elaborates on the basics of mentoring, different types, and how to develop mentoring relationships.

The objectives of the current module are the following:

  • Through comprehensive theoretical and practical materials gaining the necessary skills for establishing firm mentoring relationship and mediation relations.
  • Applying individual approach and connection created among the mentor-mentee but also the opportunities to maximize the expected results and achieving better impacts.

Upon completion of Module 1, the participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate general theoretical knowledge about mentoring and mediation strategies.
  • Establish long term professional relationships with mentees, NGOs, and other institutions.
  • Get a clear understanding of the Code of Conduct for Mediators.
  • Broaden their knowledge of the strategies taken around Europe to minimize Roma struggles.
  • Broaden their knowledge of some of the integration obstacles Roma face in the education system and in the community.


Social workers, Roma and minority rights activists, NGOs, educational institutions, job counsellors, career advisors, teachers, and trainers

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