About The Platform

Welcome to the
Romani ambassadors 2.0
DIGITAL PLATFORM for Engagement mentoring for Romani youth and children enrolment and support!

What is MOOC?

A massive open online course (MOOC) is a free web-based distance learning program that is designed for large numbers of geographically dispersed learners.

What is the Romani Ambassadors 2.0 platform about?

Online platform for interaction with trainers and social workers and advising them through the whole process of mentoring acceleration and new skills creation. The innovative potential of the current tool is the way of introducing digital technologies to trainers and their incorporation into the mentoring process.  

The transferability of the current tool is high as the learning techniques are simple and easily reusable with another target groups and fields of action.

What does the platform consist of?

  • Facilitator Training for Engagement Mentoring in Education divided into 6 Modules including theory and interactive practical exercises representing innovative approach for mentoring procedure for guiding Romani children and youth. 
  • Educational materials in the form of:
    • “Mentoring toolkit for Romani ambassadors”  in 8 languages /including Romani language/with aim to introduce the techniques and stages of development of the mentoring process to Romani trainers and practitioners so they can be beneficiated by it. 
    •  “Handbook for trainers” in 7 languages, designed for adult trainers, teachers from different institutions and social workers and learners that aims to prepare them for the role of intercultural mediators/mentors with the use of new tools.  
    • “Capitalization of the European experience” analysing the current situation regarding the European Experience in the field of professional educational intervention and including good practices for working with Romani people. 

Who is the platform intended for?

  • Trainers, experts in social integration, social workers, educators, teachers, job counselors with relative experience in working with Romani people or other exclusion groups.​
  • Mediators, counselors and experts with Romani background
  • Mentoring experts with/or without experience with Romani people but experienced in mentoring of social inclusion groups​
  • Experts worked in the research and studies of the Romani mediation process and policy makers
  • Local stakeholders and social services at national &international level

What are the benefits of the platform?

A platform with certification 

After successful completion of a certain module or the 6 modules of the Digital Mentoring Training, you will receive official certificate of achievement depending on your preference.

Guide on how to use the platform

Check the guide below: