Absolvents and the issues facing young people

Absolvents and the issues facing young people

The following Module covers crucial aspects of mental health, peer pressure, stereotypes and digital literacy within Roma communities. The content of the module helps the participant acknowledge the challenges faced by Roma youth, and the practical exercises allow the learner to brainstorm solutions and come up with healthy coping mechanisms. 

 The information provided in this module represent valuable knowledge to understand the concepts and importance of mental health in children and youth and raise awareness on locating the indicators, the causes, and effects. Moreover, we proceed to examine and explain the same areas for alcohol and drug use and abuse by children and youngsters. We explain ways in which a mediator can promote the wellbeing in children and explain how Mentoring helps youth with mental challenges. By providing examples of practical exercises the theories presented will be easy to apply in real life situations. 

By the end of the Module the learners will:   

  • Get familiar with stereotypes and prejudice about the Roma culture  
  • Demonstrate general theoretical knowledge about issues that young Roma people face  
  • Broaden knowledge about mental health concerns, prevention, and intervention  
  • Discover healthy coping mechanisms 
  • Get more information on alcohol and drug consumption in the Roma community  
  • Learn about the influence of peer pressure, and social media on young Roma


Therapists, counselors, school psychologists, researchers, teachers, career counselors, social workers, etc. 

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Enrolled: 98 students
Duration: 7
Lectures: 5